We can look up all the stats and research endlessly for answers. The facts remain bullying is a problem. A lot of people have to deal with this problem. Either their child was the bully or their child was on the receiving end of the bullying.

Marklyn takes a direct hands-on conversation with regards to discussing bullying.  Let’s ask the kids what is it like to deal with being bullied. Followed by, “have you ever done this to others?”

   See studies have shown most kids who bully, are being bullied. They are looking for a way to act out and put their pain on others. They don’t have someone to talk about their pain. They need to push their pain onto others, and usually, that happens to those at school they have direct contact with.

   Kids will be kids, but you can teach kids how to respect each other.  You can teach kids how to embrace the differences oppose to reflecting on them as a negative. A simple conversation will not always end the circle. Sometimes you have to take a direct approach and allow kids to realize they are better off getting along vs. disliking or arguing with each other.

Why bully?

Every one of us feels inferior in one way or another. You look to your friends, and it looks like they are living their lives. They have beautiful bodies. They are rich. They have the most romantic life. You get the point.

We know as stated above most bullies have been bullied or are being bullied. Either from other kids or maybe an adult. We have to show kids how great they are no matter what their circumstances are. We have to build their self-esteem.

Marklyn does this by showing his imperfections. Marklyn Reflects on his own life, failures, and achievements. Kids need to see that embracing your qualities no matter what they are can be the strength you need to get to the next level.  We reflect on the superstar, yet we don’t reflect on the everyday person just living life. That’s who they see and need to know they too can accomplish living through it all.

How can Mr. Johnson’s help you to meet and overcome the challenge?